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Hi! I'm Starlight. Mail me if you'd like to trade!
I go to sleep at about 9:30 am NST, being on Neo after 9:00 pm NST most of the time.
NM has been really glitghy since last year - Please send again if you're not hearing back. Thanks for the patience!

Closet set to private, everything visible is UFT.
Basic Gift Box(es): 80+
Last Updated: April 2, 2021

I would NEVER use any “side account” to post/mail offers.

This list is empty.

UFT: Hightlights

Pretty spares, for my wishes but would love to browse TLs!
11: Picky, only for the right trade
55: Side / 50: Boxless side

This list is empty.


Regular tradelist, item-for-item trades are preferred.
(No 2:1s here)

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC or 4:1 BF GBC

No number/11: Main
22/33/44: Sides (77: Need to check)

This list is empty.
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