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1. Just a Note

If something is shown in multiple categories, it means i have multiple.

Please feel free to neomail me! I feel so cool getting requests to trade, for real. C:

Numbers are for my own reference.

  • 99 or single digit numbers=overrated_xoxo
  • 88=great__romances
  • 77=imnotokayipromise_xo
  • This list is empty.

    2. UFT

    This list is empty.

    3. Possibly For Trade

    I'm not sure if I want to part with these or not. Try asking and we'll see.

    This list is empty.

    4. HTPW / NUFT

    these are items i'm currently using or have plans on using for different holidays/months.

    try asking me, though, if you have something i REALLY want...

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    Items great__romances wants

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    1. Priority Wishes

    important things that i need in order to finish a custom or something i just really like.

    This list is empty.
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