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0 Welcome!

Updated: August 2020

Hi and welcome!

My tradelist is divided in different sections: Highlights, Pretties and an organised GBC sale (from 3 to 2:1).
Highlights and Pretties sections are for my priority wishes only. I can also offer GBC/custom for (almost) all priority wishes. I am also open to casual trades. :)

Feel free to neomail me! I'm online almost every day. ^-^

(Numbers are for my own reference.)

This list is empty.

d. 3 GBCs

UFT for 3 GBCs / Archive Cookies / Witches RR Caps / wishes

This list is empty.

f. 1 GBC

UFT for 1 GBC / Archive cookie / Witches RR Cap / wishes

This list is empty.

g. 2:1 GBC (unbuyable)

UFT for 2:1 GBC / Archive Cookie or 1:1 Dyeworks Potion / FQC / RR Cap / wishes

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High Priority Wishes

Tell me what you need ^-^ I can offer my highlights, custom, cookies and GBCs.

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Seeking Very Casually

I like doing item:item trades for these. I won't offer GBCs / highlights / pretties for these (yet). (:

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