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1. Read Me

Updated: December 2020

The only account I will contact you from is tinyzuko

My sides are fickledawn, crazykitkatlove, and arilyairis, the only other possible account I would ask to send to is my boyfriend's, kombuchaking. I have access to all of them and can neomail or post for verification if requested

Mails are still welcome, but I may ask you to post on a board if we are making a trade (I always respond to neomail. If I didn't respond I didn't get it)

Apologies if I reject a fair trade, like many I only have a limited amount of NC and can be picky with items I like!

Thank you for being understanding in these crazy times!

My closet is not visible so everything on my list is uft, even if I'm pickier with certain things!

This list is empty.

1a. Gifts

Beautiful gifts from kind neopians! This list is set to PUBLIC and not trading to show my appreciation, these items are NEVER uft (if I have a dupe in other sections that one is uft)

This list is empty.

1b. Highlights/HTPW

Nicer items or things I really like here

Some I will be pickier with, most all I'm only looking to do item for item trades but you can always ask

I use ~Waka for values (first two numbers would be value, third quantity)

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2. Regular Tradelist

Always seeking GBCs, RR CAPs, NC Archives Fortune Cookies, etc.

Single number is quantity, otherwise Waka values are used (e.g. 23=2-3 value etc.). RR'd items' values may be outdated so feel free to haggle on those!

Other ~1 value items here may be up for 2:1 GBC as well, just ask

This list is empty.

3. 2:1 GBC

2:1 GBC, or Archives cookie/RR cap if I have the boxes! 1:1 FQC

Number is quantity

This list is empty.

Items tinyzuko wants

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1. High Priority Wishlist Customization

Items I want for outfits I have planned! I need them!! Seeking this list before all others

99= can offer GBCs/custom 66= pending trade

This list is empty.
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