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Items anonymaus owns

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A Note

Anonniemaus is my main account. I will only contact you from that account!

Please be patient with me -- I have a severe chronic illness that makes me forgetful at times, I may open your neomail then... forget to respond. Don't be afraid to poke me again if I have something you really want. ^_^

Due to the sparseness of my TL, I also have GBCs UFT for my wishes.
If you'd prefer an item-to-item trade but see nothing here, consider checking out my other account's tradelists --
you might find something there! (born_sinner has the biggest TL)

fancy_maus ~*~ born_sinner ~*~ wyrmwood ~*~ faerieborn

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Items anonymaus wants

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0 - Gimme Gimme!

I am actively seeking these items!

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2 - High Priority

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