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*** Please Read Firsts ***

Last Update UFT : 16 - October 2020
Last Update Wishes : 16 - October 2020
Last Trade : 29 - September 2020

Gifts Boxes in inventory: over 20

I use Caps system on neopets.com/~waka
Don't let the cap system stop you to neomail me and offer if is anything interest you, I am an open trader. =_=
If you like something just ask with a wearable on my wishlist or send your UFT list to let me see what you got.

NO trade with GBC/cookies Offers
I have plenty Boxes ! All Gift Boxes Capsules / Cookies offers & demands are refuse !

This list is empty.

Baby UFT

Only for neopets babies. These are all UFT !
Prefer exchange against baby wearables or maraquan wearables.

This list is empty.

Background Items UFT

Decorations UFT

This list is empty.

Foregrounds + Garlands + Frames UFT

Anything on Foregrounds, Garlands zone and Frames !

This list is empty.

Maraquan UFT

Only for Maraquan color
Prefer exchange against maraquan or mutant wearables.

This list is empty.

Mutant UFT

Outfits UFT

This list is empty.

Wigs and Hats UFT

This list is empty.

Items Katanachi wants

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+ Outfits Dreams Permanent Need

Numbers are only to classified outfits per pets

Zalyira (771) : https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1602536

Sealleaniel (772) : https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1083800

Destroyiar (773) : https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/2004709

(774) Maraquan Outfit

(770)Main account

This list is empty.

A : Hightlights Super Top Priorities

If you have these and wanna trade, it's AUTO !

This list is empty.

Baby Wishes

For My Ruki Baby outfits

This list is empty.

Hat and Wigs Priorities

Would be wonderful to get these XD

This list is empty.

Lend-me Wishes Please

This are for lending me your wearables to get the Dyework color I wish for. I will send you back the original always.

This list is empty.

Mutant Wishes

Wearables wishes for my mutants

This list is empty.


Z- Neopoints Wearable Wishes

Will be great having on my collection and for my sides Outfits.

Some are really expensive and if you have it in your trading post, it will be nice to neomail me.

Note: I don't trade NC wearables with NP wearables.

This list is empty.
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