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College started up again so it might take me a hot minute to get back to you! However, I'll always try and respond as soon as I can :~)

I don't trade for GBCs.

Gift Box Count: 37

GBC Count: 0

I usually use /~Korolie for values, but tell me beforehand if you value your items differently than listed there.

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1. Closet

These are either items that I've incorporated into permanent outfits for my pets, or things that are just too hard to let go of. Please feel free to offer on them, but know that I might decline. Sorry!

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6. Foreground/Background items UFT

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Items pinchits wants

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1. Priority Wishlist

Items marked 99 are my top priority, and I will trade virtually anything in my TL for them.

However, these are just things I'm looking for right now to complete outfits for my pets, so please don't feel like I'll only trade for these items! Feel free to neomail me with your TL, and I'll always take a look and see if there's anything I'll trade you for!

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3. Wants

Dress to Impress
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