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01 - Need to Replace

02 - Priority WL!!

I am seeking these items right now. I'll probably offer some closet items for the harder ones, please contact me if you have any of them!

Number 2 means they are a little higher priority above the others.


Pretty much all the girly items here were newly added because I now have a female pet. Some of the easy/cheaper stuff I am not parting with my hard stuff for them so please don't bother. Same goes for the "Second Priority WL"

This list is empty.

03 - Second Priority Wishlist

These items are medium priority, I will try to find them while hunting the priority ones but might not offer some specific items from section A and B for them. But try me!

Please mail me if you want to work on a trade =)

2 number = a little higher priority than the others from this section.

This list is empty.

04 - Casual Wishlist

I want these items but I will be casually seeking them for now. Feel free to mail me if you are looking for item:item trade! (or if you want to use them to fill differences on bigger trades I will happily take them).

** Some I am expecting to find on 2:1 / 1 GBC sales :P

This list is empty.

05 - Will always trade for

These items I might already have (some not) but I don't mind having spares and usually I am always willing to trade for them! Or I just like and will be interested on working on a trade. If I pass a perfect offer please don't feel offended, maybe I am just saving items from TL for bigger wishes.

This list is empty.
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