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Items zero2hero18 owns

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01. Nicer Items

may be kinda picky on which are uft for gbcs or custom lol

"2" means they may be on boxless sides.

If you see a wig in this whole tl, it's already a spare from my wig gallery collection, don't worry lmao.

This list is empty.

02. I Appreciate Their Existence

not at all attached to these lol

This list is empty.

03. Would Love to Let You Have These Items

Literally for anything. Ask first because some are on sides. "2" means they may be on (boxless) sides. Also, some can go 2:1

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Items zero2hero18 wants

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00. Currently Seeking

Always seeking GBCs and dyeworks potions

The following also applies to all other list below:

100 means priority wishes

21 means looking to trade it in a 2:1

This list is empty.

02. Casually Seeking

Seeking these casually, I just think they're neat

Also always casually seeking WIGS for WIG GALLERY (like I would list all the wigs I need but I don't want to take all day to check all the boxes to put them in a wishlist)

This list is empty.
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