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Items Crowprincess owns

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***** READ FIRST *****

Hi there,

Welcome to my DTI page. If you see something you like, feel free to drop me a Neomail. I also reserve items in case you're short on GBC, but let me know in case you no longer want it.

Items in my UFT list are only UFT for wishes and not pure GBC.
In case I have no wishes, they are UFT for :

Current event: None
Items needed: 0
(Mini)MME: 0

Not seeking pure GBC except for 2:1 and 1 GBC sales

Since I'm not as active as before, I don't respond as fast to Neomails as before. If you haven't heard from me after 2 days, please re-send your request so I know you're still interested. Apologies in advance ^^

I have listed Items as last known by the popular value guides, so I might check before accepting your offer.

Values are subject to change.

Happy browsing and hope to hear from you soon.

This list is empty.


All items are 1 GBC each (value equals amount)

Only trading for caps

Items marked 10 are reserved.

This list is empty.

1 GBC - Altador Cup Enthusiast Gram

1 GBC - Enchanting Sweetheart Gram

1 GBC - Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram

1 GBC - Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram

1 GBC - Ruby Red Sweetheart Gram

1 GBC - Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram

2:1 Sale

2:1 for GBC (numbers equals amount)

1:1 for
- Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion
- NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie

Items marked 10 are reserved

This list is empty.


Not seeking GBC at the moment. Only seeking wishes.

(amount given equals amount of GBC)

Items marked 100 (and up) are reserved

This list is empty.

Items Crowprincess wants

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NC Wishlist

These are my most wanted wearables. I'm only trading higher valued items (5 GBC and up) for event tickets/MME in combination with GBC and/or wishlist items.

Not seeking pure GBC at this moment, except for 2:1 and 1 GBC sales.

Current event: None
Items needed: 0
MME needed: 0

Marked with 10 are possible trades.
Items marked with 21, seeking those in 2:1 sales only

This list is empty.
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