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I'm mostly seeking spooky/Halloween items. I only have one pet, so I rotate them and use these interchangeably. These are my hoard so far.

Also big thanks and shout out to the kind people who let me trade with them for some of these awesome items. <3

I can't believe I finally got Flight Scarf. cries Thank you, Ayeun! <3

Oh my God thank you, Naomi for the Armin contacts. Some people are really too kind.

9th May 2019 update

I won't be trading for a while as I have to focus on my mental health. I'll only be trading to finish some customization project, but that's about it. Apologies again.

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Up for trade normal stuff and low value stuff

Spun the Archive Wheel and won Zenco! I've mostly traded away the good stuff. And yes, spinning the wheel was worth it, even without winning Zenco.

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Current Project The current look I'm working on.

edit : Got my Armins! I'm set for a while.

Only need the Shiny Crystal Stand FG from the old project, and I'm moving on to the next one.

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Low Priority Wishes for Darigan Kiko

I don't re-paint my Kiko often. But these are for when I do paint him Darigan.

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Low Priority Wishes for Pastel Kiko

If I decide to paint my Kiko Pastel, would love to have these items.

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