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Closet - not usually for trade

A lot isn't for trade, but no harm in asking, if I'm going to trade from here it will be usually for a high cap or priority wish

Closet items with a '5' aren't UFT at this time sorry Others I will still be picky with sorry these are my favourite NC things or things I use a lot

Pretrade- '88'

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Thank you so much to some very lovely people <3 NFT

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x Summer/Spring UFT

All summer spring UFT

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Items amazingelle wants

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A. Priority Wishes

Wants!! may trade my HTPWs for these, perhaps closet items who knows :D

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Maybe one day..

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mid priority

Things not HP but things I'd prefer to get off WL sooner

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Needed for outfits

Things I need to complete outfits :) extra interested in trading for

May trade HTPW for these, just ask! :)

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Needed for trades

Usually quite high priority- seeking it to complete trades :)

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