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· The items stated on this lists are in my main account.
· The items that are on side accounts are in the HTPW and in the Side Accounts' Items lists!

For values, I use the /~Waka guide.

Non-wearable items I have UFT on my main account:
Holly Holiday Cracker Gram x1
Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram x1
Featured Game Ticket x1

This list is empty.

0. Dyeworks Items

Lending these for 1 GBC each :)

This list is empty.

04. Backgrounds

This list is empty.

05. Foregrounds and Garlands

This list is empty.

06. Cloths

This list is empty.

09. Acessories

This list is empty.

11. Contacts

14. Side Accounts' Items

·To distinguish the different side accounts I have, I corresponded a number to each one of them. The numbers are 66 for giihack, 77 for obscuriidade, 88 for huguuh and 99 for huguhr!
· The items that I have repeated in different sides, are marked with more than one number (e.g., 67 or 6789), corresponding to each side account.

Number of boxes per side:
(66) giihack - 1
(77) obscuriidade - 1
(88) huguuh - 0
(99) huguhr - 0

Non-wearable items UFT:
Neopets 16th Birthday Goodie Bag - in all sides
Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag - in all sides
Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag - in all sides
Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag - in all sides

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Items oohuguhoo wants

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0. Priorities

01. Low Priorities

Not actively seeking these, but offer please :)

This list is empty.

03. For My Gallery

04. Neopoints Wishlist

I'm seeking a Spirited Fiddle.

This list is empty.
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