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- Hiya! -

-- CURRENTLY ON HIATUS -- I still check my NM, but very infrequently. Sorry!

Hi there :)

I'm Sylla/TinyTacks/Malory/Melencoly1125. I'm relatively new to the NC thing, but already am deeply in love with it :) Please don't hesitate to nm me, and I promise I will do my best to reply every time.

I used ~clara as a loose guide to valuing some of this, but there are plenty of items I disagree about the value with! Feel free to haggle (especially if I'm not particularly attached to an item!). Also looking for boxes and archive cookies!

*any number on an item refers to quantity.

This list is empty.

-- Dyeworks Lending --

2:1 lending of these items :)

This list is empty.

-- HTPW --

Things I love and use lots, regardless of actual value. That being said, I'm still open to trading them. Might turn down perfectly reasonable offers if I like an item too much, but don't let that dissuade you, I don't bite :)

(If it seems like this section is stupidly long, its because I have nine pets to keep dressed, and I hate replacing items after trading them away...)

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Cookies or GBCs are gladly accepted, as well as anything on my wishlist.

I might go 2:1 on some of the things in here, just ask nicely :) (depending on how many boxes I have laying around, of course.)

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3 (and up) GBC

GBCs are gladly accepted, as well as anything on my wishlist. I may value something higher than ~clara, so you may find better deals elsewhere!

I will be picky with what I trade the Nutcracker stuff for, but please don't let that stop you from offering!

Numbers refer to value, not quantity

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Items sylla wants

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-- High Priority Wishlist --

I Don't Even Know Why I Want This, But I Do

These are things I love the look of, but aren't actively pursuing/don't have customs worked out for. I might item:item trade for these, but probably not offering GBCs at this time.

This list is empty.
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