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- Hiya! -

Back from hiatus :)

It's been a few years, I still have to redo the values based on ~waka. Please don't hesitate to NM me, I promise I will respond as promptly as possible.

I have only older GBCs atm-

10 Fall Feathers Gift Box Mystery Capsules

13 Geometric Gift Box Mystery Capsules

7 Pastel Flowers Gift Box Mystery Capsules

12 Pretty Daisy Gift Box Mystery Capsules

9 Painted Flower Gift Box Mystery Capsules

*any number on an item refers to quantity.

This list is empty.

-- Dyeworks Lending --

---- Currently In Use ----

Either things I have some sort of weird and unjustified sentimental attachment to, or things currently in use. May take the right offer (especially for things I have duplicates of). Probably not looking for GBCs for this stuff.

Will certainly consider trading for high priority wishes!

This list is empty.

----- Other Things -----

Some of this I will happily 2:1 on, just shoot me a NM and ask!

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Items sylla wants

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-- High Priority Wishlist --

I want these things yesterday! Will offer GBCs/items if available to get my paws on them :)

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I Don't Even Know Why I Want This, But I Do

These are things I love the look of, but aren't actively pursuing/don't have customs worked out for.

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