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a. hi there!

my name is lisa.
thanks for stopping by my tradelist!

trades are currently open!

if you'd like to trade, mail me at ilovemykitties12.
sometimes life gets really busy and i am VERY bad at responding,
so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours, please feel free to mail me again!

for the most part i follow /~waka for a values, but i DO disagree with some values.
i am always willing to make a value check board prior to a trade! :)

happy trading!

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c. highlights and pretties

these are typically easier to trade than my vvvhtpw list!
they're either 'popular' or some of my favorites ~
items here are usually only UFT for populars and htf items.

fyi, 22 means i disagree with the value guides for that item :)
99 means the item is harder to part with.

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d. dyeworks hoard

i have a thing for dyeworks, apparently!
items with 99 are harder to part with or new, and i'll be hesitant to trade them.

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e. regular uft

mostly unattached to these items!
i will accept gbc for most, but not all.
feel free to ask on these!

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f. 2:1 sale

items here are up for 2:1.
you choose 2 items in exchange for 1 gbc.
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Items ilovemykitties12 wants

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e. casual popular wishes

This list is empty.

f. filler and extras

more likely to trade from my regular uft for these, or have them included as filler in a larger trade :)

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