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Items silverstorm300 owns

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HTPW: Commonly Used/Things I like NC

This is where items go if they frequently rotate in/out of my closet, or I just really like the look of them. Also known as HTPW. :P Not because of value necessarily. These MAY be up for trade if you really, really want them. But I like 'em a lot, either because I use them on my pets or just because they are special to me. Items with 99 are less likely to be UFT (unless for my HighEST priority wishes or sooome of my High Priority wishes) because I’m attached to them or use them a lot OR I’m saving them to trade towards a HighEST wish! 999 = only for Winter Faerie Wings or Pristine White Snowflake Stole. :)

I also have 21st Birthday Sprinkles Mystery Capsule and Baby bash Retired Mystery Capsule!

This list is empty.


Waiting to hear back on trades with these items!

This list is empty.

Side Account (wolvesrock7051131) UFT

I have ONE gift box on this account! You can either offer something from my tradelist or a GBC. Some of these items might be NP instead of NC, but I don't want to make separate list for so few items! Sorry =/

This list is empty.

Side Account 1 (emmajsullivan) UFT

I have 0 boxes on this account at the moment, so anyone wanting items from here will have to send me a GBC.

This list is empty.

Up for trade

All items in this section unless marked 99 are UFT for GBC, RR Caps, or custom Any of these items are up for trade, especially for things on my wishlist. If you have something on my wishlist and want multiple items from my UFT list, neomail me because that's a possibility too.

Items marked 21 are UFT 2:1 GBC!

Neomail me at my neo account silverstorm300

This list is empty.

Items silverstorm300 wants

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High Priority

These are some items I would love to customize my pets with soon!

I know that some of these are not NC items (mainly the Carved Walking Stick), but if you have them and would be willing to trade/sell I could give you neopoints and/or something on my NP tradelist.

*Note: In this section and all sections, numbers refer to quantity!!**

This list is empty.

HighEST priority (really want immediately!)

There are a few items I really would like now or I would really like and are hard to find (usually both lol). For Winter Faerie Wings, I can offer a combo of items and custom (though preferably more item heavy) equal to 10 GBC! Please someone trade with me haha. This is the one that a lot of the “99” items in the HTPW section are being saved for...

The same kind of goes for others in this section (except Rose Gold Markings, if I haven’t gotten the wings yet) but they are more expensive and I need them less urgently. If someone DOES want to trade for them I can throw a ton of my items their way haha.

This list is empty.

Low Priority

Things I like but either want in the far future or don’t want really badly, things I want spares of, or anything that just catches my eye. :)

This list is empty.

LowEST Priority

Things I want for my closet AFTER I finish my permanent customs! You can still offer these, but I likely won’t trade HTPW things or items I really like for these. Also can be used as filler. Cool forest, autumn, night sky, or Petpet related things can probably go in this category too, even if I don’t list them (as well as spares of my HTPW items). Basically I like these items a lot, but don’t want to distract myself from my actual customizations with them...

This list is empty.

Medium Priority

Just things that are medium priority. I really do want these, but am not dying for them. You could also probably add most items that are a Petpet to this list (like the Angelpuss Trinket, for instance) but I haven’t gone through and added all the ones I like (several of my Neopets’ characters revolve around Petpet rescue, so their customizations reflect this).

Some are items of lower value that I would love to find in a 2:1 (Elegant Feathered Gloves for ex) but that I still need for customs.

This list is empty.
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