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Hello! I'm still fairly new to NC trading, so I don't have much UFT (I usually trade with GBCs). But if you do see something you like, feel free to NM me - I'm open to all offers, even if the item isn't currently on my WL :) Thanks for stopping by!

Last Updated: 23 Sept '18

GBCs: 8

I use /~waka as a value guide

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III. UFT Sale (2:1 or 3:1)

2/3 items for 1 GBC!

Will also trade any of these items for fortune cookies / dyepots / anything else of interest :)

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Items doxy_venom wants

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I. Top Priority

These are items I'm actively seeking for a custom!

Always seeking GBCs and dyepots as well!

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III. Low Priority

I currently have no plans for these, but I kinda like them and it would be nice to have them some day :)

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V. Replace / Extras

Items to replace ones I've traded away, or would like to have more than one of.

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