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1) ***Please Read***

I use ~Waka Value Guide. I am always looking for my Priority Wishes, and Casually Seeking List but, some items in each list I would like to get before others. I will specify in my board if so. Some list may have some of the same items. Im looking for extras and spares in that case.

Numbers do indicate quantity, in some cases (99 means I am more likely to decline a offer on that item, if I am using in current custom, or was very hard to get, etc . ) . Most of the time my list are updated as soon as a trade has been made (:

DO NOT VALUE MY ITEMS ON THE LOW SIDE AND YOURS ON THE HIGH SIDE, OR VISE VERSA. I LIKE AND WOULD PREFER BOTH TRADERS TO HAVE A FAIR OUTCOME. Also, if there are numbers such as 21, 31, or 41 , that means the item is on one of my side accounts. My side accounts may or may not be boxless , just ask! c :

Don't be afraid to send me a neomail! I love getting inquiries and/or updated information which may include values.

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Backgrounds/Background Items

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Garlands/Higher Foregrounds

Gifted .Not for TRADE.

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My Wigs

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