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0. - A small notice

Updated 11/23/2023

Always accepting cookies/custom & GBC offers

I use this discord server to find my values much faster (& more updated) than owls on site.
I recommend you do the same

Hi. Welcome to my tradelist. I'll try to respond to your mail(s) accordingly and I won't be 
upset if you find the item your looking for with someone else if I don't get back to you.
This is a game - chill out. Have a good day!

I have unlisted 5k+ nc items so please mail me if you are offering GBCs for your wishlist.
I can check my SDB/accounts for you

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1. - Highlights

Picky with items labeled '5'
Various items that have high value or are desired quite often
This list is empty.

2. Tradelist

Not doing 2:1 sales
Just a bunch of items that I have no attachment to
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3. 2:1 sale

Items only from this section
2 items for 1 GBC / 3 items for 1 BF GBC / 1:1 DW Pot/FQC
This list is empty.

(Not in a list)