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0 Intro

Hi, I'm Kit. :)

Updated November 2022

Unless stated otherwise, I'm usually not looking for a custom/GBCs for my htpw. Feel free to offer (I won't be offended!) but I may not always accept!

I reserve the right to decline any trade! Sometimes value is not what it comes down to, I take into account how difficult it would be to replace an item if I ever want it again.

9’s indicate htpw items, other numbers indicate quantity (if I've remembered to update them...)! I never list values here on my lists because it’s a lot of work haha.

This list is empty.

1 Dyeworks I'm Happy to Lend

Will lend 1:1 or 2:1 for GBC's! I consider these a part of my closet and they are not UFT unless in another list.

This list is empty.

2 Willing to Trade for the Right Offer

Popular items that are normally hidden in my closet, but I haven't been using them frequently, so I'm interested in trading for the right offers, which are my harder to find wishes (that are equally htf) or items on my populars I'm seeking wishlist.

77 = pending trade

This list is empty.

3 Populars/Higher Valued/HTPW

This section is for items that are popular to semi-popular, higher valued, or that are htpw for me personally (i.e. the backgrounds lol). They are really only uft for other populars and wishes! Usually I don't trade items here for customs, but there are exceptions once in a while so feel free to ask, just know that I will be picky!

This list is empty.

5 UFT Dyeworks

Numbers here are quantity. Some of these items are htpw and are marked with 99. I don't mind hearing your offers at all, even for the htpw items! But please don't be offended if I decline a fair trade.

This list is empty.


List for random trash from the RR caps lol

This list is empty.

777 Regular Tradelist

This list is empty.

8 2:1 Sale

This list is empty.

Items icetee35121 wants

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1 Harder to Find Wishes

Items I am actively seeking. Often willing to offer full custom/GBCs for these.

99 = really want rn 77 = pending trade

This list is empty.

2 Less Hard to Find Wishes

Items that I am still actively seeking! But may not be offering full custom/GBC for or my items that are harder to find.

This list is empty.
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