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Hi, I'm Kit. :)

CURRENTLY I'm on semi-hiatus and log in randomly and answer messages slowly.

I use ~waka as a guide, but sometimes value items differently.

I've achieved most of my wishes now, which is pretty cool! So I'm seeking GBC's/FQC's/Upcycles/Neoboard Pens, sometimes not for my bigger TL items though. But then again, sometimes I am! So feel free to ask, I don't get offended by inquiries in the slightest. I'm also seeking popular swaps, even if they're not on my wishlist. The ones on my wishlist below are ones I'd like to end up with!

Always feel free to show me your TL if I have something you want but you don’t have my wishes. I casually trade all the time.

I keep my closet hidden now! I’ve found it makes it easier on both sides this way. Sometimes I trade out of my hidden closet, and sometimes I don't, but it never hurts to ask if I have an item!

I'm more than happy to receive NM offers for items on the account kittie706. I always answer NM's, so if you don't receive an answer from me feel free to mail me again.

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1 Dyeworks I'm Happy to Lend

Will lend 1:1 or 2:1 for GBC's! I consider these a part of my closet and they are not UFT unless in another list.

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2 Populars/Higher Valued/HTPW

This section is for items that are popular to semi-popular, higher valued, or that are htpw. They are really only uft for other populars! I'm more than happy to browse your list. :) Usually I don't trade items here for customs, but there are exceptions once in a while so feel free to ask, just know that I will be picky!

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4 Items from Grams

I have some grams in my SDB which I can offer the following items from.

Gram Count

Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram x3
Black Heart Sweetheart Gram x6

This list is empty.

5 UFT Dyeworks

Numbers here are quantity. Some of these items are htpw and are marked with 99. I don't mind hearing your offers at all, even for the htpw items! But please don't be offended if I decline a fair trade.

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6 Regular Tradelist

This list is empty.

8 2:1 Sale

This list is empty.

Pending Trades

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1 Populars/Harder to Find Wishes

High priority is listed at 99. Other numbers are approx. values for my reference and are being sought more casually. I will almost always offer high customs (regardless of box heaviness) for these wishes!

This list is empty.

2 Casual Wishes

High priority is listed at 99. Other numbers are approximate values for my reference and are being sought more casually. I MAY NOT always trade for these items, they are simply ones I may be interested in.

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There aren't any items here.
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