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1. Intro

Hey there! Feel free to NM @furevre about anything on lists I have UFT! I welcome random NM trades haha, saves time browsing trade threads and WL's.

Since item values & availability can fluctuate a lot month-to-month with rereleases, etc., I usually check for values at the moment of trade offer. Anything marked "999" will generally be something I like a lot (i.e. HTPW), of limited release, or of higher value. However, if something is unmarked, I may just not have gotten around to it yet. That being said, I am always open to offers on anything on my public lists!

This list is empty.

2. Capsules~

I tend to save at least 1 cap for later trading. Release dates range. These are only UFT for wishes.

Deep Maraquan Sea Retired Mystery Capsule (x1)

Floral Daydream Retired Mystery Capsule (x1)

Frosted Winter Plum Mystery Capsule (x1)

Icy Catch Gift Box Mystery Capsule (x1)

Love Potion Gift Box Mystery Capsule (x1)

Lucky Kad Retired Mystery Capsule (x1)

New Year 2021 Celebration Mystery Capsule (x1)

Pawfect Together Retired Mystery Capsule 2023 (x1)

This list is empty.

TL: Clothes / Accessories

This list is empty.

zBoxless Side

May need a GBC to move these anywhere

This list is empty.


NM if interested! I go by SSW / going TP prices

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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