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feel free to neomail me, i'm usually online at least once a day and pretty relaxed when it comes to trading. i valued everything at /~waka for my own reference

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i also have:

1 x Neopets 18th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

1 x Pikis Valentine Goodie Bag

1 x Peppermint Goodie Bag

1 x Blue Festive Balloons Goodie Bag

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last updated: 13/05/18

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a. 2:1 GBC

aka. into the upcycle you go

depending on the items, can do 3:1. or 2:1 for cookies.

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b. 1 - 2 GBC

i'm also always looking for cookies, so if you don't have gbc maybe we can work something out there!

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e. HTPW \ Closet

only trading these if i offered them to you!

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you're more than welcome to these if you send me a neomail :)

you must be fine with transferring me your pet, as pb clothes can only be 'removed' from your closet if they are placed onto a pet of the same colour. i will then send your pet back to you; i don't want to steal your pet, i already had whatever colour your pet is and zapped over it :P i just want closet space back!

you must have the pet in the 'colour' of the items in order to receive it. for example, a blue kacheek cannot be transferred wearing christmas kacheek items--you need a christmas kacheek. if you put the christmas kacheek items on the blue kacheek they will stay in my closet :(

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Items sutiles wants

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a. priority!!

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