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1. welcome!

Hello there! I'm generally pretty friendly and will never deliberately ignore a mail. Feel free to mail me if you'd like to work a trade out. Thanks for popping by and best of luck; I hope you have a lovely day! c:

P.S. Not seeking GBCs unless I have a board up saying otherwise. Sorry!

Click here to scroll down to my wishlist immediately!


I am currently in the midst of a hectic school term. Please forgive any slower-than-usual replies!

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2. discounts

All items here can be traded 2:1 for GBCs, or 1:1 for Upcycles/FQCs/Dyeworks potions.

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3. pretty things

Will trade most of these for just about any of my wishes.

Also UFT:
1x Snowy Holiday Cracker Gram

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4. highlights

Pickier with these!

Likely only trading these items for medium or high priority wishes.

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Items earlgrey wants

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2. medium priority

If you have any of these items, feel free to enquire about my highlights/htpw!


Currently seeking my Casual WL, located at:


Non-wearables WL for my gallery:


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