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A Disclaimer

As of July 16, 2020 I reserve the right to verify any information and accounts I trade with. Due to continueous scamming and suspicious behavior I prefer not to be neomailed. However, If you are casually browsing dti or I happen to state so on board, Please neomail me rather than post on my boards. Please note this does NOT mean in any way that neomails will be ignored. I just prefer to trade publicly especially concerning new/unfamiliar users or for my discretion. Thank you for understanding. Note: this disclaimer was edited in hopes this version is a more subtle way to protect my reputation and accounts.

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Cap Sale!

Keep in mind these are sale items from all of my accounts, therefore please be patient! Willing to do up to 5:1 for gbcs!! If not offering gbcs, they will be valued at 1 cap each!

How capsales work, you send me any gbc, i open it, you get as many items as i get boxes! Please list items in order of priority and where to send them when inquiring. If you choose not to use all of your boxes that is fine. I may combine other items from regular tradelists with this list. Depends on the item. Feel free to ask!

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This list is uft for any/all of my wishes but please note im still picky with some of these. Also accepting other items but not accepting custom offers of any kind unless i specify. Casual trades welcome!

following nh items uft too:

gothic valentine garland, money tree neopia central lamp, old time wood burning stove, paper lantern string lights, spring negg wreath

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Some of my better items, easier to trade than closet but some are htpw and values may differ from waka/owls. Casual trades always welcome!

This list is empty.

Main uft box: unlimited! (for now)

This list is empty.

side 1 uft box: 5