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1. Dyeworks Lending

Will lend these for dyeing for one DW pot or GBC (or a 1-2 cap item on my WL).

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2a. UFT & 2:1

Will trade for wishlist items or GBC's. Neomail offers, I don't bite! :) I use /~waka for pricing.

Willing to do 2:1 on buyables & other common items. Just ask!

Items marked "999" are HTPW for me and I may reject reasonable offers on them.

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2b. UFT & 2:1 - side

Boxes: 5

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Items succubusty wants

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1. Priority Wishlist

Customs I'm currently working on need these items. These are what I want the most right now!

Any "###" are for my notes and denote what outfit an item is for.

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2. Casual Wishlist

Items for future customs & random stuff I just like.

Things marked with numbers are for my notes-- usually denotes what outfit an item belongs to.

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