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a. Hey!

Recently came back to the game and I've just started getting into NC stuff so right now I'm just trying to start off on trades and the likes... don't have much yet, but slowly gathering stuff and getting to learn how trades are done etc etc. So far so good! Everything that's listed is uft -- I keep my closet private bc i'm still looking around to see if I'll use those items eventually, but if there's something you really want, message me and I'll see if I have it :)

also IMPORTANT: numbers are quantity, not value! I usually use ~waka for values, so if anything interests you, just send me a neomail and we can work it out (´v`)

Please, please, please, neomail me -- for anything at all. Offers, advice on values, tips on trading, anything at all. I login from time to time during the day (everyday), so I always check for mails. Especially those being about a trade! I will almost always accept any offer, and even if I do decline (highly unlikely tho), I will always mail you back! I love talking to people and, now, I've fallen in love with trading, so I could do this all day if it's necessary :)


NC for custom: 675

Non-wearables I have UFT:

NC Mall 12th Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule (x1)

Flower Power Gift Box Mystery Capsule (x4)

Sunset Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule (x6)

Perfect Paradise Mystery Capsule (x1)

Perfect Paradise Retired Mystery Capsule (x4)

Money Tree Cupcake (x2)

12th Birthday Carnival Wish Candle (x2)

12th Birthday Garden Party Wish Candle (x3)

Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule (x3)

I have a few dyepots and cookies -- FQC & Archives -- (possibly) uft as well, so if you'd like any of those, hmu and we'll work something out! :)

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i. Trousers | Skirts

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B&B Custom (Medium Priority??)

Basically, my relationship is a cliché and we've been looking for those items so we can finally make this happen :P

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