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A Few Notes...

Recently, I've had several users contact me for trades, and when I've responded, I either don't hear back, or they have already moved on. I am not on here 24/7, but I am on daily, and it is frustrating when people waste my time. Please, if you can't wait for a response from me, don't approach me for a trade (or at the very least, take the time to mail me back saying you found a trade elsewhere)

Non-Wearables UFT List -

I'm able to loan these DW items for a Potion, GBC, Lab/FQ Cookie, or low-valued item on my WL:

This list is empty.

Highlights UFT

Items marked with a '99' are either harder to part with and/or I consider the value more subjective...feel free to neomail to discuss :)

This list is empty.

Regular Items UFT