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With love, —Matchu (Feb 2022)
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Items sahar owns

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0.) intro

nothing public is htpw. mail me your WL if you dont see anything for my wishes.

i dont publicly display gifts but if you have ever sent me anything, thank you very much!! i remember and appreciate every gift i get :)

55= on a side

4/16/2022 - online very sporadically. whenever i do remember to log in and check my inbox, i will probably not reply to mails sent 3+ days ago as i will assume you've already found a different trade. This list is empty.

2b.) will browse TLs or trade for gbc/custom

ill trade most of these for 1 gbc or lowest waka value and i can look at your TL for any of these items

numbers are quantities, not values

This list is empty.

3.) recent releases uft

This list is empty.
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