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[00] Notes

Hiya! I'm tangerine_paws :) I'm on pretty much daily and try to reply to all Neomails. Sometimes the Meepits eat my inbox, so feel free to message again if you don't get a response!

You might notice that my trade list is pretty boring :D That's because everything I actively use is in my hidden closet! If you have one of my priority or HTF wishes, please go ahead and send me your trade list, because I very well might have something nice that you're looking for :) I can also generally offer bf gbcs, caps, cookies, or other custom for my priority wishes. Just ask!

-- last updated January 2024 --

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[03] General UFT

happy to trade away most of these for custom/GBCs

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[04] 2:1 GBC -- 4:1 BF GBC -- 1:1 Cookie/Dyepot

what it says on the (fierce Peophins has eaten too much) tin (of olives)

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[01] Priority Wishes

I have an extensive hidden closet, so let me know what you're seeking! I can also typically offer bf gbcs + custom.

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