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Items vanannidian owns

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Hi! I'm still learning about NC trading and will update my lists and intro as I go.

I'm willing to trade for items not on my wishlists and am up for casual trades to move items around, so let me know if you'd like to make a deal! :D

A couple of these items are on my side accounts and may require a GB to trade. I will update my lists by account if I ever receive enough interest.

I'm not online terribly often, but I tend to always jump on to do dailies between noon and 3-4pm Neopets time. I rarely get mail so I will always read whatever you send! Toss a Neofriend request my way too if you like!

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I really enjoy these items and would only consider parting with them for my priority items. I know these may not be worth as much as current cap values, but they hold a more special value to me. :)

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Items UFT. I don't have a ton of interesting items but here they are!

I also have a Summer Vibes Mystery Capsule.

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Items vanannidian wants

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**NC Top Priority Wishlist (Strange Grarrl)**

I'm making a Doctor Strange custom on my grarrl, Kuszar, and would absolutely love to one day obtain the items on this list! These are my high priority items, but I know some of these will be a long shot given what I actually have.

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