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00. Back to NC Trading

You can neomail me at fruitz_basket to trade.
V1 and V2 are for me to locate the items.

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04. Foreground, Garlands & Effects V1

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Items dhaeva wants

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00. Pending Trades

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01. Priorities for Customs

Haunted Hospital Corridor Background 3-4
Snowy Leaves Street Background 2-3

Colourful Glow Face Paint 3-4ish

Lowered valued items:
Bone and Skull Necklace 1-2
Dyeworks Yellow: Playful Tousled Wig 1-2
Valiant Champion Coat 1-2
Space Station Message Foreground 1-2
Virtupets Information Screen 1-2

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Dress to Impress
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