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Items lilydaze owns

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0. Treasures .0

<3 Thanks to all the friends who have gifted me some wonderful items. <3

This list is empty.

x. Dyeworks Lending .x

This list is set to PUBLIC, not TRADING.

LENDING these out for:

-2:1 GBC

-2:1 Archive Cookie

This list is empty.

x. Pending Trades .x


These items are in a pending trade but if it doesn't go through feel free to NM and I'll let you know.

This list is empty.

x. Up For Trade (HTPW / HTF / HIGHLIGHTS) .x

The Triple H category if you will.

HTF items: Typically items with less than 30 UFT. These are for equal value/ratio items only. Doesn't necessarily have to be on my wish list. Not accepting custom or caps.

HTPW (Ending in 9): Extremely picky but your offer could be the right one! Never hurts to try. Don't be offended if I decline. Not accepting custom or caps.

Highlights : For A or B list wishes only. Not accepting custom or caps.

Two numbers together like 23 or 34 is a range. (23=2-3, 34=3-4 cap value). I occasionally check values but its possible updates slip past me if they've changed!

This list is empty.

x. Up For Trade (Regular) .x

Values referenced from ~Waka, ~Owls & DTI ratios.

Always actively seeking GBCs & wishlist A or B. List C is stuff I have no plans for/backups so I'm not really looking or offering GBC for those items. (It might not even be visible sometimes)

Anything ~1: Will not have a number unless I value it 2+.

Anything 3+: Will have its value number. While they aren't HTPW, I might prioritize these for wishes of equal value.

Non-Wearable/Caps WL: (

NM is always open. If its full, send me any Bottled Faerie to alert me!

This list is empty.

x. Up For Trade (Sale) .x

2:1 Regular GBC or 3:1 for BF GBCs.

Can also do 1:1 FQC or Dyepot depending on box count.

Numbers here indicate quantity, not value.

BF GBCs are the ones sold ON Black Friday. Not the day after. So that includes the Fall Forager Gift Box Mystery Capsule purchased on 11/26/2021 or the Kaleidoscope Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule purchased on 11/27/2020.

This list is empty.

x. Up For Trade (The Dyeworks) .x

All of my UFT Dyeworks.

Numbers are values. Two numbers together like 23, is a range; 2-3.

HTF/Higher value DWs (3+) are not UFT for caps/custom unless I offer first. It's possible some of these are 2:1/3:1, just ask. I just like to keep all the dyeworks together on one list!

This list is empty.

Items lilydaze wants

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D List (Very Low Priority)

These are for my gallery of Team Krawk Island.

This list is empty.

Would Like To Replace

Traded them away and now I find myself thinking about them...

This list is empty.
Dress to Impress
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