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Items lil_kitten_kaboodles owns

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B. For whom the bell tolls, these have my soul.

VTPW. I like these a lot but definitely willing to trade if wishes are involved.

Some spare older GBC: Cheerful Circles Gift Box Mystery Capsule Blooming Flowers Gift Box Mystery Capsule Linen & Lace Gift Box Mystery Capsule Golden Clovers Gift Box Mystery Capsule

This list is empty.

D. Shining shimmering splendid (3-4ish)

UFT towards wishes.

This list is empty.

E. Even smaller diamonds shine (2-3)

Willing to part with most of these for caps/custom, but may be pickier with a few.

This list is empty.

F. All that glitters is not gold (1-2 items)

Willing to part with most of these for caps/custom or small wishes

This list is empty.

F. Baby Items

Uft for GBC/caps or item to item trades

This list is empty.

G. Give a little, get a lot (2:1)

UFT for 2:1 GBC or current caps.

This list is empty.

Items lil_kitten_kaboodles wants

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1. I'm gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight


Overoffering BF GBC for this. Can offer custom as well.

This list is empty.

3. They were off my path, so I never had dared

Popular, High End, or more HTF Items I want <3

Offering full GBC value for these. Have both 2020 and 2021 BF GBC to offer. May offer custom and/or overoffer BF GBC depending on wish.

This list is empty.
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