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While I have been playing on and off for the better part of 20 years, I have only recently begun venturing into NC items + customizing.

This page is very much still “under construction,” so please don’t mind if it looks like a mess :)

I will ALWAYS mail back! If I haven't replied, I haven't been on yet today!

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Items I don’t REALLY want to part with / are currently being worn.

Might be UFT for High Priority WL item(s) —just ask :)

(note: some of these items may appear elsewhere due to amount on hand)

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#UFT (regular)

These items are openly UFT.

Main preference is to trade for items on my wish list(s).

With that being said, definitely send me a NM if you see anything you are interested in but might not have anything to trade that’s directly from a wish list to look at what you have uft to see if we can still maybe work something out!

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