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0. idk what i'm doing

unlisted things bcs idk:

otherwise seeking:

  • Dyeworks pots
  • retired caps
  • recycle cookies
  • faerie cookies
  • RG Aisha token

i'm new to trading pls be kind.

if something is being used i will probs not trade it rn.

if there's something on my list that you would like but nothing on my lists that you can offer, please don't hesitate to send a message! i'm still building my lists and love browsing others lists to get ideas.

i love making outfits even if i'll never have the items for them!

This list is empty.

2 - Mutant & Maraquan

i don't have either & want someone to get use out of them

This list is empty.

3 - uft

accidentally deleted this whOOPS.

as i said above i am new to trading so i do not know everything about values. that said, i do look at OWLS! i'm always looking for guidance with trading as well uwu.

not looking for mystery caps or gift boxes currently, i have horrible luck w/ caps and i have a lot of boxes in my sdb.

This list is empty.

Items velvetxmask wants

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3. HIGH PRIORITY - uwu pink gamer girl

for nesqwyk

This list is empty.

4. General wants

i have possible ideas for these but for rn they are not !!!

This list is empty.

6. baby stuff - low low priority

deleted this rebuilding this rip

This list is empty.

7. hadestown vibes

trying to find anything that has hadestown vibes because i cry daily abt orpheus and eurydice.

This list is empty.
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