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Ani's items

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Items Ani owns

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00. foreword

Last Updated: Nov 2023

Un-wearables UFT:

This list is empty.

02. 2:1 tradelist

some items may be on sides without boxes! Neomail me if you are interested in 2:1, so I can check my box status

numbers indicate the amount i have

This list is empty.

03. 1-2 value

This list is empty.

Items Ani wants

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o1. actively seeking (highest priority)

actively seeking for current customizations for my pets! Please NM me if you have these UFT

all items on this list will go to athena337

This list is empty.

o3. new & shiny

new items / new dyeworks i think are cute and would like to have in my closet before they disappear from the mall

This list is empty.

o4. filler + spares + replace

Items I wouldn’t mind having extras of, would be interested in for filler for trades, or items i am casually seeking to replace ones i traded away

This list is empty.

o5. casual wishes (lowest priority)

not actively seeking, but items i think are pretty

This list is empty.

o7. gallery: enchanting ixi emporium

nc items I want for my Ixi Gallery.

actively seeking

account: antonia22301

This list is empty.

o9. gallery: magically delicious

hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons. pots of gold and rainbows and a red balloon!

not actively seeking

account: animated_chaos

This list is empty.

oo11. rr wishes

hoping/waiting for these to be re-released

This list is empty.
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