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01. foreward

main account: antonia22301

non-wearables UFT:
Raindorf Goodie Bag
7th Birthday Cake Slice #2 (x2)
Festive Balloons Goodie Bag
NC Mall 4th Birthday White Goodie Bag
Neopets 16th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag (x2)
Neopets 17th Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag
Darigan Citadel Fence
Snowman Goodie Bag

This list is empty.

02. 2:1 tradelist

some items may be on sides without boxes! Neomail me if you are interested in 2:1, so I can check my box status

numbers indicate the amount i have

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03. 1 gbc

This list is empty.

Items Ani wants

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o1. high priority wishlist

actively seeking for current customizations for my pets! Please NM me if you have these UFT

always seeking || GBC, FQC, lab ray cookies, dyepots, archive cookies

also will trade for wishes from my friend's list:

This list is empty.

o4. causual wishes

may not be actively seeking them now, but feel free to offer these anyway if you have them!

Items marked 99 I have outfits for, and would be more likely to trade for!

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