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Items ene_x owns

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A Bit of Info:

Last updated: September 11, 2016
GBCs: 0 - Gift Boxes: 0 - NC: 285

Please note that all items listed here include my closet, and as such I may not be willing to trade certain items away if I use them frequently, but it never hurts to ask!

Also, if an item is not listed here then it's a safe bet that I don't have it.

This list is empty.

For the Season!

FEATURING: Fall & Halloween

I try to put all of my seasonal items here for quick reference!
NOTE: Items with a 4 are HTPW as I may be using them for the season.

This list is empty.

HTPW / Highlights

Most of these I will only trade towards my higher priority wishes as they are frequently used closet items. However, feel free to share your offers as I may have no problem replacing at a later time. Please take no offence if I turn down your fair offer!

This list is empty.

In Stock

All NC items I currently have on my main account, excluding my gallery themed items. If you see something you like and don't have anything from my wish lists, feel free to share your trade lists as I might find something I like!

This list is empty.

On Hold

These items are on hold for a pending trade.

This list is empty.

Items ene_x wants

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Casual Wishes

Passively seeking these!
Some items are just here to remember they exist, and some are higher priority. May be willing to do customs on some, so just ask or share your tradelist!

Items with a "9" are for my gallery and are of the lowest priority

This list is empty.

Priority Wishes

I am actively seeking most of the items here, and may be able to offer GBCs &/or custom along with my items available for trade!

This list is empty.
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