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Items that are popular, rare or worth more than the average NC item. All of these are 100% UFT and live unused in my SDX.

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Custom: Plenty
GBCs: Plenty
Boxes: Meh

Unsorted because I'm lazy! Mails are absolutely okay, I look at rarity and value when trading. Numbers are quantity!

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Items Nikolai wants

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Always need SPARES!

Spares of items I love and might need more of! (:

Happy to trade for these as filler or casually for a good deal, but NOT super high priority as I usually already own 1 or 2.... or 5.

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NC Wishlist - Online Daily!

My NC wishlist!

777 = SUPER casual. I would be down for a good deal!

Mails are amazing! I'm online every day, multiples times, for hours... My reply mails don't always go through, so please mail again (if you don't get a response.) I respond to 100% of all mails, even if it's just a "Thanks, but no thanks!"

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NP Wishes - Mail Please!

NP Items that I need to buy! Please mail me to offer and haggle!

Numbers = Rough estimate of cost in Millions

Black Petpet Paint Brush
Red Petpet Paint Brush
Blue Petpet Paint Brush

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