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1 - Read this first!!

13/06/20 - I'm so sorry but due to my work schedule there are times where I cannot be on neo actively. For this reason I'll most likely not be trading unless I'm actively on a board. I also apologise if I don't reply to neomails or take a long time to reply.

GBC Sale information:

My GBC sales are only available for GBCs on this list:

That list will be updated when new GBCs come out that I am seeking. So sorry for any inconvenience but I have enough boxes/GBCs stocked up and barely any WL items left so I don't have much use for extras anymore.

Items marked 99 are not UFT for customs/GBCs unless stated. It does not mean these items are hard to part with, but currently there are some I'd rather save towards hard to find wishes

I'm not interested in looking through tradelists right now, I'm only interested in my wishlist or GBCs/custom.

Box counts

Main - 2

Side 1 - 4

Side 2 - 2

Side 3 - 3

Side 4 - 5

This list is empty.

Main - 1 GBC each

Everything here is UFT for 1 GBC each

This list is empty.

Main - 2 GBCs each

Everything here is UFT for 2 GBCs each

This list is empty.

Main - 2:1 Sale

2:1 for GBCubes

This list is empty.

Side 1 - 2:1 Sale

2:1 for GBCs.


Flowery Valentine Goodie Bag

Money Tree Cupcake