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A Note from Mist:

If you haven't gotten a mail back from me within 48hrs it may have been lost in my inbox (or I thought I responded and it didn't go through) please feel free to resend it!

Everything here is open for trades/offers if you don't have my WL! Don't be deterred by items under 'closet', they're just in that section for personal reference/I use them more often than others. Numbers indicate quantity.

Please note that my permanent closet is kept hidden. If you have one of my harder to find/expensive WL items feel free to mail me your WL and I'll check if I have something.

*If my inbox is full just chuck a 'Foal-in-box' at me, most of the time I don't realize it's full until someone says something.

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Closet - not for trade unless offered

This list is just set to public (instead of trading) in case I'm offering some items on a board and need them listed, but otherwise these items are not for trade unless I say otherwise.

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Closet-ish (sort of)

This list is empty.

Regular Tradelist

This list is empty.
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