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- Lending

Lending any item for 1 GBC (old or new) a Dyeworks Potion, or WL item.
If you'd like to borrow multiples, I can do 2:1 new-style GBC (that give 2 boxes)
These items are not UFT

This list is empty.


A couple of these are HTPW, so please don't be upset with me if I turn down a fair offer!

This is generally the only list I like to make public, but please keep in mind I keep about 90% of my stuff in my closet, SO ALWAYS LET ME KNOW YOUR WISHES!!!!!

This list is empty.

B. Closet

I do trade out of my closet quite a bit, but I also use all of these items regularly, so I'm sorry if I'm really picky.

99 = Particularly HTPW

This list is empty.

B. VHTPW Closet

These are generally only UFT for certain wishes. You're always welcome to offer on any of them, but the list is titled approproately!

Although they're all HTPW, those marked with 99 are particularly hard to part with.

This list is empty.
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