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1) Welcome to my tradelist!


If you've happened to stumble across this, please feel free to mail me if you are interested in anything listed.

99=VHTPW - Most likely won't be trading these unless I offer them.

999=Gifted and not for trade.

This list is empty.

3) Highlights

Some of my pretty items that aren't as HTPW. Mainly trading these for wishlist items. Might take GBCs. Items marked 99 are HTPW.

This list is empty.

4) Regular Trade List

Just the rest of my items. Will trade for wishlist or GBCs.

This list is empty.

5) Side Account Items

Items currently on the side account Clotique. Boxes: 9

This list is empty.

Items lally199 wants

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0.1) Need now

Need these right now for a custom. Pls halp.

This list is empty.
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