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Updated may 18th 2017

kinda hard to part with items will be marked with a 999, this means they are only up for trade for my priority wishlists (top priority 1,2,3) All items labled with a 5 or a 55 or a 555 or a 6 or a 66 are items on old accounts i had with out boxes so those trades need 1 gbc ANY ITEM WITH A 6 OR 66 WILL NEED A GBC, they are boxless side accounts Even if i have something you want but you dont have any of my wishes you can still neomail me i am on every single day so i answer often! I love trading! Please link your tradelist if you dont have anything on my wishlist! Right now i have many gbc to trade just ask!

MY MAIN ACCOUNT- theoriginalboocat

Happy Hunting!

This list is empty.

5] Clothing UFT

I'm Trading all the items i dont want or need or have doubles of! Just offer me anything spooky or dark and i will probably love it!

This list is empty.

7] Backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

8] Foregrounds/Frames UFT

9] Garlands and Showers UFT

Handhelds UFT

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Lower Foreground Items UFT

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Highest Priority items I dont need but still want!

these are items i LOVE but have no particular use for so i am not very inclined to trade for them however i will

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The Lowest Priority items

Dress to Impress
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