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0) Information

If you see one item in UFT and one in not UFT, it means I have two of those items and I'm willing to trade my extra. Also if you see a number next to them, it means that's how many of that item I have.

GBCs: I will not be offering any GBCs unless I state so, as I almost never buy them.


UPDATE: July 25th - 2020

Closet/Not UFT is NOT for trade.

Hello! I have recently not been able to trade/respond to any Neomails about trades. I am currently not able to play Neopets as much as I would like to atm. Happy Trading :)


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Accessories UFT

This includes Handhelds/Necklaces/Trinkets.

This list is empty.

Backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

Closet / Not UFT

Anything in this list is NOT UFT I will never offer, or trade these for anything. Most are gifts or items I worked really hard to get! ~ If you see something here that is in another list, then I am willing to trade that item because I have doubles of it!

This list is empty.


I have no problem recolouring a pair of wings for you! All I ask is for one GBC+Dyeworks potion. Unfortunately I can NOT predict the colour that comes from this! So please be aware of this before neo-mailing me! - Not for trade, only for recolours.

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Items pink_gatomon wants

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In Trade

These are items I am currently trading with someone at the moment.

This list is empty.

Maybe one day?

Medium Priority

This list is a bigger priority than "Things that catch my eye". Mainly stuff I kinda really want, but don't have a use for it atm, but that doesn't mean I won't trade for them :)

This list is empty.


Just a list to tell me what I need to replace. ~ Things I've traded that I still want but were used for bigger wishes :) Not a high priority atm

This list is empty.

Things that catch my eye

This list is empty.
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