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Items ginnyclone owns

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2. NC: UFT (Value: 1-2 GBCs)

See JN wishlists for all items UFT, plus those I'm seeking:

Item #s are for personal reference - please disregard!
This list is empty.

3. NC UFT: 2:1 GBC

Also open to accepting other mystery capsules, fortune cookies, or items of similar value (even if not in my Seeking lists) - just make an offer and/or share your TLs. <3

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6. Paintbrush Clothes

1 = ginnyclone
2 = misshawk
3 = atlantahawk
4 = neuroclone
5 = britt_254

If 2+ digits, refers to presence in 2+ locations (e.g., "12" = ginnyclone/misshawk).

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Secret Santa 2020

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Items ginnyclone wants

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A-1. Priority Gallery NC Wishlist

Seeking these items for my brain/skull gallery - please NM offers! May take several days to respond since I normally play on mobile and prefer computer access for trading. Thanks!

This list is empty.

B. Gallery NC Wishlist [Non-Priority]

C. General NC Wishlist [Non-Priority]

Not generally actively seeking, but interested and open to offers including these items!

This list is empty.

F. Random/Interesting Items

This list is empty.
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