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I will always value item(s) at either the highest or lowest end (both your items and mine). If I value my item higher than the guides, chances are they are either incredibly rare or htpw. You don't need to agree, but I'm not obligated to trade with you either.

Feel free to ask about anything on the lists but don't be upset when I say no. We all have items we'd rather not trade at any point of time.

Also, my name is Ren.

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i. GBC Sale

All UFT for GBCs.
If I have another one on another list, I have more than one. Any value in this list represents quantity.

This list is empty.

ii. Backgrounds

Everything is tradeable for the right offer.
Anything with a "9" is part of my closet. Any other value represents quantity, I hoard bgs so will be picky unless I have a spare. (:

This list is empty.

v. Closet

Items marked "99" I'm a wee bit more attached to.

This list is empty.

x. Hoard 101

Call this the hoard, call this the legion.
Numbers only represent quantity, yes I hoard. #noshame

If this is visible, IT'S NOT AN ACTIVE TRADE LIST. Probably just letting a friend choose stuff from my TL. :)

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Items dreyymer wants

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a. Wishies

"8" takes priority.
"55" means I may have a potential trade for it.
"11" means seeking for a trade.
Everything else is on low priority.

Any other value denotes the quantity of items that I'm seeking.

This list is empty.
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