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I try to keep track and update regularly but sometimes things get missed out/placed in the wrong lists. I do apologise if so, I'm 90% on mobile and have a big closet.

If you are going to trade your item at full cap value or more than the trading guide, please do not be offended if I value my item(s) at full cap value as well.

I do not strictly follow guides, because that's all they are.
Thank you for reading.

This list is empty.

i. GBC Sale

All UFT for GBCs.
If I have another one on another list, I have more than one. Any value in this list represents quantity.

This list is empty.

ii. Backgrounds

Everything is tradeable for the right offer.
Anything with a "9" is part of my closet. Any other value represents quantity, I hoard bgs so will be picky unless I have a spare. (:

This list is empty.

v. Closet

Values indicate quantity.
Some I will consider trading full gbcs for :)

This list is empty.

x. Part of the Hoard

Call this the hoard, call this the legion.
Whatever it is, if this list was not specifically offered to you, it is not uft.

This list is not set to trading.

This list is empty.

Items dreyymer wants

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a. Need right now

Just cause I'm impatient. xD
Any number indicates the # of duplicates I'm seeking unless otherwise stated, they do not represent values.

This list is empty.
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