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0. Please Read

If you mail me and I don't respond within 24 hours, I likely did not get your mail. Please mail me again if this happens! I do my best to check my mails daily and will always respond, even if it's to say no thank you. But I do my best to work out trades when I can! :)

Note: Items marked "500" are on side accounts.

This list is empty.


GBCs available: 0
I am not picky with anything in this list and am happy to trade for anything I'm seeking.

This list is empty.

B. Closet/HTPW

All of these are closet items but I may be willing to part with them. It depends on the trade!
I do frequently trade from this list; however, please understand if I turn down offers for these items.

This list is empty.

C. 2:1 for GBCs

These items are uft for my wl items at their normal value, or 2:1 for gbcs.

This list is empty.

E. Pretrades

These items are pending trades and no longer uft!

This list is empty.
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