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0. Notes

I'm online daily and I always respond to neomails, so if you have not gotten a response from me within a day or so, it's likely your mail did not go through. Please nm again if this happens! Also, if it says my mail is full, hit send anyways! Sometimes the site glitches and says inboxes are full when they aren't.

Items marked "99" are HTPW.
Items marked "500" are on a side account (may be boxless).

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A2. Regular UFT

I currently have [1] GBCs available to trade!

I also have the following unwearables uft:

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B. 2:1 for GBCs

These items are uft for my wl items at their normal value, or 2:1 for gbcs

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Items fairytail wants

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A. Wishlist

Usually interested in gbcs & the unwearables on my JN wishlist as well: https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/knightwriter2010/

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