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1 Things UFT

sides= bdsp (111) vc2 (222) nsp (333) cf (444)

otherwise _#s are per ~waka/~Valentine e.g. 105 = 1 of item, 5 caps; 201= 2 of item, 1 cap.

9999 = closet/VHTPW

** items marked in this or other list(s) 8888 are things that could go toward my priority items...

things marked 9999 or 8888 wanted or will trade for high priorities only

This list is empty.


~will trade 2 for 1 GBC~

I'll have to double check my SDB because these items get upcycled quite a bit (still waiting to get something really cool LOL)

This list is empty.


this tiny list is to trade dyeworks versions of items - extra colors I might have, to obtain colors I might need

= number of item I have currently This list is empty.

Items voot_cruisin wants

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1 Pleeeeeeease Somebody Have these UFT because I need them OK

willing to trade pops and closet/HTPW items marked 8888 or 9999 - or whatever other numbers I come up with.

(will throw in GBCs if needed)

This list is empty.

Art Studio

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

Ferd's Textile Art studio

items for Ferdrick's textile art studio and whatnot

_#s are GBCs per ~waka

This list is empty.

Items for Coffee/Tea Gallery

Low Priority

Items that I'd like eventually, or just items I'm not sure about but still think are kinda cool ;)

_#s are GBC values from ~Waka

This list is empty.
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