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00. Info

Non-wearables UFT:

-11th Birthday Tropical Cupcake

-GBC x7

-Dyeworks Hue Brew Potion x0

-50 NC

All items marked 777/77 are V/HTPW.

All items marked 21 are UFT 2:1 GBC.

All other numbers should be quantity.

Feel free to mail me if you're interested in anything, worst I can say is no!

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NC UFT 1: sapphie_star

Boxes: 10+

This list is empty.

NC UFT 2: kittens_pawprint

Boxes: 0

This list is empty.

NC UFT 5: chiropterra


Offer if you'd like, but most are on my pets so I'll be picky!

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zz. PB

PB clothes that I have lying around; if you need any, feel free to ask about them!

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Items noivurn wants

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01. Priority

03. Favorites

Not necessarily actively seeking these items, but still interested in them. May or may not trade for these, depending on the offer / box availability.

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04. Passively Seeking

Items that I'd like, but am not actively seeking.

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05. Low Priority

Mostly things I just think look pretty, or find amusing! These are the lowest priority, but of course still feel free to offer them.

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NP items I want. Priority NP items will also be in the priority list!

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